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Why do we do this?

In 2008 Breast Cancer changed my world. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, we lost a neighbor to breast cancer at the age of 36, and my great aunt was also diagnosed. Clearly I needed to do something. Two days after my Mom heard the phrase "You have cancer", I heard the phrase "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer". It was as if Fate had handed me back some control - and I committed to becoming a Making Strides "Pacesetter" and raising over $2000.

Which is how Cocktails Curing Cancer was born.

After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer again in 2009 – it became clear that Cocktails would become an annual event. Having seen the impact that breast cancer has on families, I have a goal of seeing a cure before my two little girls have anything to worry about.

We received official 501(c)3 designation from the IRS in 2014 and have been recognized as a non-profit by the State of Vermont since 2012.

Cocktails Curing Cancer gives me the opportunity to educate people about breast cancer, raise money to help people in the fight, and to have a great time doing it! So please, consider joining us in October.

Warm Regards,
Renee Dall